Photo: ©Christine Schmidt, Zürich


Regular open Yoga class:

Basic Vinyasa Flow

at Airyoga Fabrikstrasse, Zurich on Saturdays, 11.00–12.30


Regular online Yoga classes:

Morning Glory Prana Boost from Monday–Friday, 6.45–7.15

Vinyasa Lunch Flow on Wednesdays, 12.00–12.45

Evening Glory Yin Boost on Thursdays, 18.30–19.30

Vinyasa Flow on Sundays, 11.00–12.15
If you would like to join the classes, please send me first a Mail down below and I will send you the details to attend the classes.


I also offer Private Lessons and Yoga in companys.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Dancing with Prana

Vinyasa is more than simply moving the body on a physical level. Vinyasa is dancing with the energy of the universe. It is the external expression of the invisible movement of our subtle life-force.

David Swenson